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Technology Integration

Technology Integration: SID - System Integrated Design

Organic Architecture requires of all technical systems that they be visually and functionally integrated with the overall design context and strategy of each project for sustained maximum efficiency. All architectural and environmental components, systems and strategies must work together as one functioning organism. The principle of organic integration of technology is a recognition that at the heart of all human made endeavors is the reliance on, electrical, mechanical, and structural systems. Organic Architecture creates an SID framework for the efficient use of such systems within the overall design and planning approach. Organic architecture maximizes and balances the latest of technological advancements with natural processes to be able to make sustainable systems efficient during design and construction as well as for the existence of a development’s “Life Cycle”.

Organic Implementation of the products and processes of technology with the build environment begins with the study of Bio-mimicry. As it relates to the human-made world of architecture, Bio-mimicry is the understanding and application of technical natural models of life as they are originally engineered through the natural process of evolution. This is to say that technology is both man made and provided to us by nature. All of the most sophisticated technical advancements we could possibly make are already transpiring before our very eyes, and we have only to research, observe and attempt to create the tools and skills required to perform at such advanced stages of technical integration. Our own bodies are living testament to what is possible in the way of Systems Integration Design. Our buildings and our environments must evolve into technical, integrated and multi-functioning systems connecting human needs and natural capabilities. In this way, we will reach more efficient standards of sustainable development.

We are only scratching the surface of what our potential holds and Organic Architecture leads our man made environments to have closer affinity with our own, local, natural biospheres. The patterns and potential for design inspiration and integration are endless.