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Scorpion House, Jones Studio, Inc.

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بلوج تداول العملات الأجنبية
Scorpion House: Jones Studio, Inc. Completed: January 2002
Scorpion House, Jones Studio, Inc
Scorpion House: Jones Studio, Inc.
Scorpion House, Jones Studio Inc, 2002
Scorpion House, Jones Studio, Inc
Scorpion House: Jones Studio, Inc.  Completed: January 2002

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Mies Van der Rohe once said: “I see no reason to invent a new architecture every Monday morning,”The great Midwestern architect, Bruce Goff, responded: “I have to invent a new architecture each time for each client, whether its Monday morning or not!”

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ثنائية إشارات تداول الخيارات التي تعمل The site is in far North Scottsdale, Arizona, within a gated community designed around a golf course. The neighborhood strongly discourages modern architecture. Most of the houses in the community are faux-mission, faux-tuscan, or faux-contemporary, placed on top of pristine, beautiful Sonoran desert. Previously untouched, the site is in high

البنك الراجحي بيع اسهم اسمنت ام القرىجميع-الاسهم-السعودية-تداول-اليوم Sonoran desert with a significant slope, arroyo, boulders, and desert landscape. Careful consideration for views, heat gain mitigation, and maintaining privacy determined a radial house plan that would focus on the Natural Landscape.

الخيارات الثنائية كسب المال The team was committed to the ideals of sustainable building: exemplifying the principles of conservation and encouraging the application of those principles in our daily lives; minimizing resource degradation and consumption; fostering awareness in visitors, designers, and developers by modeling and teaching a new ethos; and a non-hierarchal way of building where all elements are considered equally important – especially as they relate to harmonious integration within the ecosystem.

قيمة السهم العادل اسمنت نجران Although the entry sequence straddles a small, yet significant canyon, the resulting upper landing bridge allows the existing drainage pattern to continue undisturbed.  The beautiful arroyo view is only revealed after stair ascension and passage through the creature’s concrete backbone. Hillside contours, boulder field, distant views, and stands of old saguaro, shape the cast-in-place concrete ledge. Interlocking the curvilinear retaining walls, a protective shell of oxidized titanium plates integrate the “scorpion”

ثنائية تاجري خيارات البصيرة forms with desert shadow. An inverted conical shape roof unifies the continuous interior, defends against a western solar exposure and responds to the incline of the land. Multiple center points are subordinate to the radial joint grid generated by the hemispherical pool.  Program elements are directed to, across, and beyond the seemingly suspended disk of blue water leaking through a coping sieve of two hundred and fifty four stainless steel nipples that leads water to a collection basin below.The insect’s harmless stinger tail places the detached two bedroom house in the shade of a crescent shaped clearing. 

Vertical rock faces define an intimate outdoor private space. Scorpion House explores new technologies and their architectural applications.  The base of the house is a series of curving cast-in-place concrete retaining walls.  The inverted conical shape roof and shapely upper wall forms are clad in titanium zinc.Zinc was chosen due to its ability to meet a variety of functions.  It is highly adaptable for use on both roof and walls, while elegantly accommodating difficult geometries.  This in turn helped to reduce the number of types of materials used in the project, which simplified the construction process.  The panels’ lightweight allowed for soaring structure and roof planes.  The minimal weight of the cladding thus reduces the amount of structure needed to support it, which helps reduce costs.  Zinc’s thermal

خيار ثنائي الروبوت optionweb properties are such that the metal releases heat quickly.  This is critical in building responsibly in a desert environment where differences between daytime and nighttime temperatures can be used to the owners benefit by reducing cooling loads.  This rich, velvety material was perfect for enveloping the complex shapes of the house in a skin tough enough to protect the interior from the blistering heat of the desert.  The dark metal panels will gracefully endure for many years to come, require no maintenance, improve with age as they patina, and help the house to gracefully blend into the desert shadows.  

Architecture: Eddie Jones, Neal Jones, Rob Viergutz, Maria Salenger

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go Engineering: J.T. Engineering (Structural), Otterbein Engineering (MPE), Tony Woo (Electrical), Graham Engineering (Civil) Contractor: Construction Zone