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Marbrisa Residence, John Lautner, Acapulco, Mexico, 1973

View to the ocean


Project Architect: HELENA ARAHUETE

The design is inspired in the natural beautiful features of the site, the sense of space, ocean and sky.

The house is in a very steep lot overlooking the Acapulco Bay. The upper floor is a large open terrace surrounded by a cantilevered moat/railing pool that seems to overflow into the ocean below, creating a feeling of infinite space. The moat is wide and deep enough to allow for swimming. The curved, sloping concrete roof is anchored into the hill at one end, then sweeps over the house and the driveway and returns to the hill at the opposite end. The roof is low on the hill side and high on the Bay side, allowing a great view of the sky and the ocean. The enclosed family room and bedrooms are located in the lower floor, facing the Ocean, with a continuous planter/railing along the edge of the decks.

View From Below

Curved Pool

View from the terrace

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