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HELENA ARAHUETE, ARCHITECT “The House Above the Morning Clouds” - Lautner Associates-Helena Arahuete (2003)

The Clients requested a house that would make them feel like they live on top of the world and inspires them to think great thoughts. They wanted to see all of the 360 degree view from everywhere in the main floor and they needed a 50 foot long lap pool to be used daily, throughout the year.

سعر السوق اليوم The very large site includes the two highest peaks in Solano County, with views to the Sierra Nevada, the Wine Country and a distant view to the Golden Gate Bridge. The Clients wanted the house to be on top of one of the peaks, but they agreed on recessing it into the hill, to conceal it from the view from the distant roads below.

يوتيوب الخيارات الثنائية احتيال The main floor is mostly one large space with a few 7 foot high partitions for privacy of the master bedroom and baths. The exterior walls are frame-less glass, hanging-sliding across the indoor-outdoor swimming pool. The roof sections are alternately high and low, but they all slope up at the outside perimeter, to capture and pull the views toward the center of the house. The lower floor is mostly recessed into the hill; it opens into a two story high central garden with a pond and a fountain, which can be seen from both floors.

تجارة الذهب السعودية