The Organic Architecture Guild

A Sustainability Union

Frank Lloyd Wright (1867 –1959)

Frank Lloyd Wright was a pioneer in the development of Organic Architecture as he established principles of design and created architecture  that expressed these principles with unwavering strength. His development as an architect spanned 75 years and his rich collection of over 1000 works illustrate that he was not stuck in any one style, but rather his adherence to a sustainable  philosophy allowed him to develop unique projects particular to each own site, client, economics, politics, craft and technology  of the time.  Arguably, Mr. Wright's most organic projects are his two living estates in Scottsdale, Arizona and Spring, Green Wisconsin. Each and every element is a small interconnected part of a larger architecturally complex  idea spanning decades of construction. These two facilities continue to evolve based on educational and architectural principles within a strong community of allied artists. The interconnection of interior and exterior space is integrated with each particular site, climate and history through  a sophisticated use of materials and a composition of geometric and organic forms within the natural landscape. What results is a powerful sense of place.

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