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Local Craft and Human Resources: Crafts People

Organic architecture relies on people at its core and is shaped by us from day one. The crafts person is identified here to be an individual that takes pride and ownership of his or her responsibilities to a particular project and is mindful of all potential opportunities that are available to make that project component organic or otherwise well integrated with the living whole. Craft also recognizes certain natural and other building materials that require a complete mastery that they can be articulated in an organic way and can lend to the project the visible quality that the project is living and in harmony with its environment.

Architectural projects are living, breathing entities that must be nurtured in a positive direction from day one. It begins with the owner of a piece of land that has certain requirements and an initial vision for what they want from the land. Next is a local, town or city government that has certain jurisdictional requirements over that land and even neighborly consent can play a vital role. Next is a design team of professional architects and engineers and consultants who begin to quantify the direction of a final product. Next are the builders and contractors and sub contractors who further mold this product into its initial form giving it immediate life. Next are the inhabitants who occupy and maintain and even alter this organism far beyond its initial construction. All of these folks are given the title of craftspeople by definition as we all have a hand in molding the built environment each to his or her own will and capacity. By understanding all of these entities, Organic Architecture can ensure that the project managers of a development can fit the pieces together and form time lines and teams that identify all of the organic principles at play in the proper sequence for actual implementation. Without clear direction of where a project must end up, it certainly will never get there on its own. Craftsmanship, in any discipline, is the creative, diligent and thoughtful application of principle and skill to a project component or whole.